Editor's Picks: Essentials For the Social Gal

Image really is everything when it comes to social media. Whether it's blogging or instagram, or both, we're all working to present a branded version of ourselves. I do think it's important to go off the beaten path. You need a unique selling point after all. But there is something to be said for trends. They become familiar to the eyes; thus they become something that make the reader stop and look. Whether it's a trendy pineapple candle, or a marble background for your latest flat lay, here are some items to get those hashtags rolling. Pictured: Bloggers Gonna Blog Travel Mug

Snapshots from the Week

Most of my snaps from this past week are from last weekend, because I spent most of the week in bed. You can read more whining on that in my Wednesday wedding blog. But finally (I think) I am on the mend and ready to have some fun with my love this weekend. It's Mayfest time in Tulsa after all.

Simple, White, and Adorned with Roses

It wouldn't be  Wednesday without a new post on the wedding blog. How are you guys doing this hump day? For most of you this is the hardest part of the week...with days of work under your belt and a few more to go for the weekend, but for me, today is Monday. Or rather it's the first day for me to be working again this week after hurting my neck and back over the weekend. Still hurting, but with lots of bed rest and an amazing fiance who graciously picks up my slack and reminds me when to take more Tylenol, I'm finally on the mend. Pictured: cake by Mr. & Mrs. Creamery   /  photo by Caroline Tran Photography 

Snapshots from the Week

I hope you all had a lovely week. I'm starting my weekend a little early with my fiance, and we get another hotel staycation in Tulsa on Saturday.:) It's always good to have time for just us.