Makeup Giveaway Spring 2015

I'm giving away some of my favorite makeup products for spring, most of which are e.l.f. Cosmetics, one of my favorite affordable makeup brands. I've used each and every one of these makeup products and love them all! The pinks are perfect for spring, and the baked trio is something you can wear all year round. You can see a tutorial featuring these products here >>. I've thrown in a few facial masks, and the whole thing comes with the cute pink makeup bag pictured above. *Items will not vary, though colors may vary on different display screens. The giveaway includes each item pictured here in the exact same colors and/or design and original packaging.

Boho-Chic Jewelry featuring Steve Madden "Tropical Punch"

I'm a sucker for anything boho-chic, especially during spring and summer. Boho jewelry is the perfect way to finish off a breezy summer outfit. This season the Steve Madden "Tropical Punch" jewelry collection keeps catching my attention. Filled with feather motifs, beading, and lots of gold-tone pieces; it's a boho-chic lover's dream. The collection includes a lot of items that are trending this spring and summer, like ear cuffs, connector rings, and layered pendant necklaces. Keep reading to shop these items, or click here to see more from the collection >>

A Romantic Spring Beauty Look with e.l.f. Cosmetics

Isn't spring a lovely time to feel beautiful? With all of the floral prints and shades of pink, it's a fun time to be a girl. During the fall and winter months, I lean towards black leather and minimal prints, but once the weather starts to warm up, I'm all about the color, and that definitely spills over into my makeup choices.

Pretty Spring Picks for the Home

Spring is a wonderful time to freshen up a space with some light, feminine accessories. You can update your home for spring with just a few simple touches. I love to use spring candles and fresh bouquets. Though I also use artificial flowers sometimes. As much as I love to decorate with flowers, the vases I use are just as important. For artificial bouquets, I don't like the stems to show, so I use alternative vases, like the watering can pictured above.

When Did Pleasing Your Man Become a Bad Thing?

Now get your mind out of the gutter, because I'm not talking about that kind of pleasing, however what I'm about to say could and should be applied to that part of a relationship as well. Although the kind of pleasing I'm talking about also involves food, fashion, makeup, and any other ways in which we ladies can appeal to men. Now hang on, don't get all burn-your-bras on me. I do mention on my blog quite often how I think it's important to figure out what makes you happy, what makes you feel beautiful, and to not do things just because you think it's what will attract a man. Besides, you want to attract a man who likes you for you, right?

But let's say you're already in a relationship or kind of sort of dating someone. Why wouldn't you want to do things you know he likes? I spend time (probably way too much) on Facebook threads to research what people really think about topics I'm thinking about covering on my blog. Today I came across some comments that really rubbed me the wrong way. It was on a light-hearted post about men's opinions of certain fashion trends. There were so many angry comments, which I totally expected, because I've seen this reaction so many times. Even on a simple style guide for date night, readers make comments like "If he didn't pay for my outfit, he has no input on what I'm wearing!" I am no traditionalist by any means, but I think this way of thinking has gone way too far.