Snapshots from the Week

Happy Friday! Or as we like to call it on Instagram - #FRIYAY! This week concludes our daughters' first full week back and school, and I like to think I still have my shit together. Their room is just as almost-sort of-clean as ever, my fiance and I still had time for our lovely dates, and so far no one's homework has mysteriously disappeared and no one has missed the bus...yet.

Essentials for Transitioning to Fall Fashion

There are two kinds of people - those who cling to the summer months and wish they would last longer, and then there are those who welcome pumpkin spice lattes, falling leaves, and boots regardless of the temperature. I am totally the latter, especially now that I'm with someone who loves fall just as much as I do...and he loves it when I wear my boots.:) Pictured: Cartonnier Eve Velvet Blazer

A Peek at Our Wedding Shower Location

I'd originally planned to have my bridal shower at a boutique hotel...a sort of girls night and some spa time, but then I completely fell in love with this cupcake shop that my fiance and I discovered after an event downtown. Pinkitzel Cupcakes & Candy is by far the most girly candy and cupcake shop I've ever seen - perfect for a bridal shower.