The OkBride Tulsa Summer Wedding Show

We've got some major wedding planning going on around here this month! I just signed up for another bridal registry, this time at Dillard's, where the groom is a Manager.:) I've also got a bridesmaid coming in this weekend to try on dresses, and my fiance and I attended the OkBride Tulsa Summer Wedding Show last weekend.

Join Me for A Beauty Workshop in Tulsa

A few weeks ago I went in for a complimentary skin treatment and makeover provided by Mary Kay, with one of my bridesmaids. Throughout the meeting, I kept thinking how fun it would be to sell makeup in real life, not just through the blog; so I could get out from behind my computer, out of my yoga pants, and into the real know, with real-life women who love makeup and beauty products as much as I do.

I love giving advice online and have always found that my friends tend to come to me with their fashion, skincare, and makeup questions; which is what naturally led me to make beauty editing a large part of this site. As time went on, I added more tutorials and guides, all the while thinking this would be so much more fun if I could actually meet some of these amazing readers and get to answer their questions in real time.

Snapshots from the Week

The weekend is here! I'm very excited about several things, like a Kate Spade bridal event at Dillard's my fiance just told me about, as well as the okBride Tulsa Summer Bridal Show we're attending on Sunday. We're getting a head start on Fourth of July fireworks Sunday evening, and tomorrow we're sneaking off for a hotel night so we can spend some time just focusing on each other.:)

A Festive Color Palette

Happy Wedding Wednesday! This week I really have wedding planning on the brain, even more so than usual. Just a few more weeks until my first fitting and bridesmaid dress shopping, and I just registered my fiance and myself for the okBride Oklahoma Bridal Show that will be in Tulsa this Sunday.